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January 12, 2021

To our Epicure Community, 

As we enter a new year, we continue to live through historic times where we find ourselves working, celebrating, eating, relaxing, indulging, exercising, connecting, and shopping in new ways. At Epicure, we’ve come together, been stronger than every struggle, and have risen to every challenge to help more families eat well and live healthier than ever before. As a result, the demand for Epicure’s Good Food movement continues to increase.  

We’ve also learned that our community, when inspired, is an unstoppable force, particularly where good food is concerned! It excites me to share how close we are getting to our goal of changing 20 million lives. How will we do it? 

  • Launch new and innovative products designed to help make cooking easier, more affordable, and faster than ever—especially for home chefs who may be bored of cooking the same cycle of meals and are looking for new flavours comparable to the convenience and taste of takeout without the cost, waste, and unhealthy ingredients.  
  • Invest in strengthening our operations, speeding up our delivery times, improving our systems, and growing our inventory so Epicure continues to be the brand and mission our community can be proud to be a part of. 
  • Focus on ensuring our community is inclusive and diverse, through achieving our goal this year of one million meals donated to Feeding America or Food Banks of Canada via our Buy A Meal, Share A Meal program. Learn more here.  
  • Rally together as a community—customers, Consultants, and Home Team members alike—supporting one another while collaborating towards creating a healthy, good food-powered culture.     

Together, moving into 2021, there is no doubt we’ve demonstrated that we’ve all got what it takes to not just survive, but to thrive. Thank you again for your continued loyalty and shared passion for good food. 2021, here we come!  


Stay safe & stay strong,  

June 12, 2020 

To our Epicure Community, 

We strive to deliver a great shopping experience and fast, reliable delivery at Epicure. We understand that for some, your recent experience with us has not met your expectations or the standards we’ve set for ourselves. Our Home Office team is working tirelessly to alleviate these challenges, and we’re so thankful for your patience and understanding while we navigate the realities that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented.

To keep you informed I’ll be sharing regular video updates and you can also go to epicure.com for daily shipping news.

None of us could have anticipated these realities—and the resulting obstacles and opportunities—a few short months ago. While cooking at home has become increasingly essential, more families than ever before are reaping the benefits of Good Food. Real Fast. The demand for Epicure products has been extraordinary (up to three or four times what we planned for!) and we’ve been working hard to fulfill your orders and get healthy meal solutions into your homes when you need them more than ever.

In our operations area, we’ve been hard at work in an effort to speed up our blending, jar and sachet filling, and distribution processes while maintaining proper physical distancing—this has meant overtime hours and hiring more than 70 new team members. It also meant making the difficult decision to temporarily streamline our product offering. In addition to operational constraints, COVID-19 has also really impacted our ability to source raw ingredients. In some cases, products have become unavailable and backordered or your orders have been held while our team members have hustled to qualify new vendors and ingredients. At Epicure, the quality of the ingredients in our blends is something we’ll never ever compromise on, so shortcuts at this stage are off the table.

With all that said, we want you to know we’re working hard to keep you in the loop, get your orders to you, and maintain our service standards while we shift, scale up, and stay safe. While this is taking longer than I had hoped I continue to be incredibly grateful to everyone who is part of our community – for your passion, your patience and our shared love of good food.

Please bear with us a little longer—we can’t wait to get your cupboards stocked again soon!

Stay safe and stay strong,

May 19, 2020 

To our Epicure Community,  

While we continue to #staysafe and #staystrong through the Covid-19 pandemic, we are elated that more people than ever before are experiencing the amazing benefits of Good Food. Real Fast.™ In the past weeks, we have experienced unprecedented demand from families across Canada and the US—families looking for easy, wholesome, at-home meal solutions.  

This surge, which goes hand-in-hand with incredible growth in our Epicure Consultant community, leads us to believe that this demand will be sustained for the foreseeable future. And with this seismic shift in business comes many new (and welcome) challenges and considerations. 

We have improved our systems, grown our team exponentially, and we’re doing everything possible to meet increasing demand with inventory, while ensuring the health and safety of our home team members. Customers and Consultants have experienced delays in order processing times and seen items stock out while we adjust to this new normal, and we thank you so much for your patience!

With all this in mind, and to best support this amazing community, we have temporarily streamlined our product offering, focusing our manufacturing efforts on bestselling and foundational products and collections that you can enjoy best during the spring and summer season. This means that for the time being, you may not find everything you’re looking for. We thank you for your understanding and encourage you to find new favourites or talk to your Consultant about easy swaps!  


At Epicure, we continue to step up and support our community. Here are a few of the ways how:  

  • From Tuesday, May 19 and moving forward for the time being, any Hosts who currently have Host Rewards or who earn Host Rewards will have an additional 30 days to apply them to an order.  
  • In addition to the abundance of how-to videos, virtual cooking classes, and recipe ideas being shared by our Consultant Community, our Epicure social channels have a wealth of content supporting cooking and eating well during this uncertain time. Connect with us on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook, or check out our blog, The Feed
  • For every Mac & Cheese purchased, a meal will be donated to  family in need through Feeding America or Food Banks of Canada as part of our Buy a Meal, Share a Meal program. Since March, we have donated over 20,000 meals to families in need through various initiatives. This is in addition to donations of PPE Epicure has made to our local health authority and product donations to our local food banks. 
  • We continue to honour our 100% 90-Day money-back guarantee. 
  • We’ve created a 30 day Summer Strong Meal Plan to help our community plan easy, affordable meals all season long  



Updated May 1, 2020

To our Epicure Community,

Staying home is the single most important thing we can do to slow the spread of coronavirus and protect those in our communities who are most vulnerable to it. 

An exception to this rule is, of course, health workers, emergency response personnel, grocery store employees, pharmacists, and others whose essential jobs we depend on (including members of the Epicure team!). They’re the brave ones who are leaving home to ensure we’ve all got the essentials and to perform lifesaving duties—and for that, we should all be grateful.

As an essential service, our operations remain open and we continue to manufacture and ship Epicure products from both our Canadian and US facilities.

All team members who are able to work remotely have been doing so since March 12, 2020. For those team members working on-site, we have implemented new and heightened hygiene, social distancing, and other safety and health measures that exceed all CDC, Health Canada, and BC Public Health guidelines. Due to social distancing requirements, there may be minor shipping delays. However, we are making every effort to continue regular business operations for the sake of our home team members and our Consultants. We consider it a blessing to be able to keep our team working and our Consultants engaged in their business during these uncertain times.

For now, our main message to you and our entire community is...stay home, stay safe, and stay strong. Leaving the house less means your family and community are safer. Instead of in-person cooking classes which are not happening at this time, our community of Consultants is committed to sharing ways to help homebound families online with meal solutions, meal plans and grocery lists so they can shop once, stay safe cooking at home and save money in the process. 

I know this isn’t how many of us imagined things going—cancelled graduations, no school, missed soccer games, closed parks, job insecurity, and barren grocery store shelves. So, while the future is bright, the present is challenging.  

During this time, we remain committed to serving our community:

  • We continue to honour our 100% 90-Day money-back guarantee.
  • In addition to the abundance of how-to videos, virtual cooking classes, and recipe ideas being shared by our Consultant Community, our Epicure social channels have a wealth of content supporting cooking and eating well during this uncertain time. Connect with us on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook, or check out our blog, The Feed.
  • For every Mac & Cheese purchased, a meal will be donated to Feeding America or Food Banks of Canada, as part of our Buy a Meal, Share a Meal program. This is in addition to donations of PPE Epicure has made to our local health authority and product donations to our local food banks.
  • And as always, you can reach our Customer Experience Team via email, phone, or chat.


While this remains a challenging time for us all, we are inspired by the support of this community and by all the creative ways our Consultants and Home Team are discovering to be of service.

Please stay safe, wash your hands, and stay tuned for regular updates.


With warmth,