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What's for Dinner? 30-Day Collection - May

May What's for Dinner 30 Meal Collection
  • Get 15 blends and seasonings and a digital meal plan for 30 fast and fresh dinners! 
  • Savings are equivalent to three meal solutions! 
  • Get two seasonal summer faves: Salmon Rub and NEW Smoky BBQ Sauce Mix. 
  • Collection includes: Smokin' BBQ Sauce Mix (2), Sweet Garlic Chicken Seasoning (2), Taco Seasoning (2), Simply Better Baked Beans Seasoning (2), Thai Red Curry Seasoning (2), Pulled Pork Seasoning, Pad Thai Seasoning (2), Donair Seasoning (2), Cha Cha Chili Seasoning (2) Rotisserie Chicken Seasoning (2), Enchilada Seasoning (2), Mac & Cheese Seasoning (2), Caesar Dressing Mix, Salmon Rub, Asian Stir-Fry Seasoning.