Cajun Fries Seasoning

Cajun Fries Seasoning


Cajun Fries Seasoning


Low sodium
Nut free
Gluten free

We love to make our taste buds dance with this Cajun Fries Seasoning. This blend of premium herbs and spices creates an earthy, piquant flavour that tastes great and packs a punch. It's perfect for anyone who wants to add excitement and heat to their favourite snack. Sprinkle as much or as little as you like over your spuds for a healthy alternative to restaurant fries with added seasonings. 

Simple Steps:

  1. Liberally shake over regular or sweet potato fries and wedges. 
  2. Add the seasoning before or after cooking (or both). 

120 g (4.2 oz)  
One jar seasons about 24 batches of fries (depending on how liberally you season). 

A low-sodium diet is key to keeping our hearts healthy and happy. Our homemade Cajun Fries have only 80 mg of Sodium per serving. Restaurant fries can have up to ten times that amount. 

Ingredients: Garlic, sea salt, paprika, onion, black pepper, thyme, cayenne, oregano. 

We spend as much time thinking about everything we don’t put in, as everything we do. See Our Good Food Promise and our Never-Ever List to see what you won’t find in an Epicure ingredient list. 

Epicure is dedicated to sharing delicious meal solutions that use only real, whole ingredients you can trust, while never ever compromising on taste.

Epicure products are:

  • 100% gluten free
  • Made in a nut-free facility (except coconut)
  • Free from corn syrup & hydrogenated fat
  • Free from artificial colours, sweeteners & preservatives
  • Sugar & sodium conscious
  • Made from ethically sourced ingredients
  • 85% non-GMO Project verified

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