Better Brunch Collection
Gluten free
Nut free (contains coconut)

This gather fast brunch offers a variety of wholesome & delicious, gluten-free menu items.

  • Create a memorable brunch with this easy and versatile breakfast collection. 
  • Get your meal planning tips and recipes in the Menu Plan ( HERE).  
  • Menu plan serves 4—6 and can be scaled up. 
  • Average cost per meal is $1.30 CA per dish  

Collection Includes: 

  • Easy Peasy Bagel, Pancake & Waffle Mix (1)
  • Exclusive Chocolate Truffle Sweet Dip Mix (1)
  • Hollandaise Sauce Mix (2)
  • Quick Biscuit Mix (1)


  • Easy Eggs Benedict  
  • Quick Biscuits or Quick Scones 
  • Baked Bagels 
  • Fresh Fruit with Chocolate Truffle Sweet Dip 

Epicure products are: 

  • 100% gluten free
  • Made in a nut-free facility (except coconut)
  • Free from corn syrup & hydrogenated fat
  • Free from artificial colours, sweeteners & preservatives
  • Sugar & sodium conscious
  • Made from ethically sourced ingredients
  • 85% Non-GMO Project verified