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In short: it’s stunning.

Welcome to wonderland: A bit about where we work

5 awesome facts about working at Epicure

Meet your future co-workers

Life on the island

Relocating to Victoria? A neighbourhood guide



Welcome to wonderland: A bit about where we work

Awesome starts here! Not only with the work we do, but where we do it. President and Founder Sylvie Rochette fell in love with this special slice of the Pacific Northwest, and jumped at the chance to put her company’s roots and facilities down on 80 (GORGEOUS!) acres of agricultural land reserve.

Man-oh-man, are we glad she jumped.

Think: Garry oak meadow, rambling vineyards, lavender-lined drive, sun rising over Pat Bay (the view goes great with a hot morning mug in the window-lined Epic Room).

Think: insta-joy, insta-calm, insta-inner-wellness, from the moment you roll into work.

Think: a truly awesome place to be and do.

What’s nearby:

  • 20 minutes: historic (and darn funky) downtown Victoria.
  • 7 minutes: cute-as-a-button Sidney-by-the-Sea with every amenity: supermarkets, coffee shops galore, and our little Star Cinema!
  • 6 minutes: Parklands High School, North Saanich Middle School, and Deep Cove Elementary. (Mais oui, they do offer French immersion. And, actually, the elementary school is just 2 minutes away.)
  • 5 minutes: BC Ferries to Vancouver (and the wicked-awesome slopes at Whistler) and the Gulf Islands.
  • 4 minutes: Victoria International Airport.
  • 3 minutes: the foodiest corner market and deli you’ll ever come by. (Yay Deep Cove Market! We love Thursday soup day!)
  • 2 minutes: our close neighbours and friends, the Tseycum First Nation, and Pat Bay. (Why not take your lunch to the beach?)
  • 1 minute: our own (award-winning!) organic Home Office garden. Located right next to the House, Farmer John’s garden promotes Epicure’s commitment to clean living. It has produced many kinds of lettuce, snap peas, broad beans, beets, broccoli, Swiss chard, tomatoes, peppers, and the biggest bulbs of garlic you will ever see. Don’t forget the strawberries! No need to go grocery shopping after work. Thank you John (and dog Cash!), and happy eating to all.

Right this minute, we’re looking out at an incredibly gorgeous Garry oak meadow (an endangered habitat we’re committed to restoring). Oh, and we have a 20-minute walking route (our own chip trail around the lovely Epicure vineyard to stroll on your breaks).

It’s just awesome. Come see!



5 awesome facts about working at Epicure

What makes Epicure great? Don’t get us started.

  1. We hold epic events. From monthly Home Team recognition events to summer BBQs, we celebrate our own in a big way. And who doesn’t love delicious Epicurized lunches and free products? (Not us.)
  2. We give back. From growing Movember mustaches to joining the Run for the Cure, we strive to live up to one of our core values: be of service. We give generously whenever we can.
  3. We have great perks. Get ready for a peer rewards program that can get you gift cards, event tickets, trips, and more! And forget about going to the grocery store: Farmer John’s garden includes veggies, fruit, and eggs! The strawberries are to die for.
  4. We help you learn and grow. You want to enhance your life, and we want to help! Get reimbursed for professional development (like that continuing education course or online seminar) and personal development (like guitar lessons or a family rec centre pass).
  5. We help change people’s plates. We educate and inspire people across Canada to rewrite their relationships with food and eat clean. By helping to spread the message, you’ll help change lives. Now if that isn’t a reason to join us, we don’t know what is!
  6. It’s beautiful here. We know, we said 5 facts, but we just had to add the bonus of our gorgeous location. Garry oak trees shading your lunch break, vineyards stretching far and wide, cows mooing in the distance, eagles soaring overhead…in short: paradise. You couldn’t ask for a better location. So what are you waiting for?



Meet your future co-workers

We certainly have some talented Home Team members at Epicure. Let’s say hello to a few of them.

THOONAKAI SELLAKANDU, Customer Experience Representative

How her job has changed her: My job has helped me to be more confident and to think fast at resolving issues. I guess I had a small fear when I first started at Epicure if I could really do this job, and now I know that I can! I have changed from a person who does not speak much to a person who talks a lot. Helping our Consultants has given me an inner strength I didn’t have before.

What she hopes for the future: One day I would like to go back to my country, Ceylon, where I was born. I want my kids to see the place where their grandparents lived and get a feel of our culture.

LUCIE THERRIEN, Bilingual Customer Experience Representative

On the people at Epicure: The CE Team is an amazing team to be part of—there’s lots of positive energy! I love helping my team and sourcing answers for them. In my role I am also able to connect with other teams in the company, such as social media, communications, quality assurance, and occasionally innovation, research and development. Across the board, Epicure has a great bunch of people.

On exploring the coast: I have started a bucket list of things I would like to learn and places I would like to visit; the list is getting longer every day. Originally from Quebec, I want to explore my surroundings on the West Coast and plan on taking some short trips south of the border to start.”

BRAD SMITH, Warehouse Team Member (and Coastal Giant guitarist)

On starting guitar: I actually started playing the guitar much later in life. In 2002, I had the winter off, so I moved to Cranbrook to stay with a friend to spend the winter snowboarding. If I wasn’t on the mountain, I was inside, often looking for things to do. So, one day, I picked up a guitar. Because I am a lefty, I had to start playing it upside down, but soon began to teach myself some chords.

His musical influences: Our sound is its own and is unique; we just hope that people like it. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds (when they play together) definitely have a great influence on us, and we are also Jon and Roy’s biggest fans. I have had the opportunity to jam with Jon a couple of times and we try to support them as much as we can.



Life on the island

Rumour has it, island life is remote. We kind of love that rumour. It means only intrepid career-seekers set up shop on our gorgeous shores…

In reality, island life is anything but remote. Victoria has all the amenities, vibrancy, and momentum of the big city. Increasingly, big city businesses are setting up shop in Victoria precisely for the lifestyle and accessibility the island offers. In no particular order, here are some of our favourite island things.

Be healthy, be happy, be sane, be stunned by supernatural splendor, be creative in your career—be an islander! Working with one of Canada’s most progressive and fast-growing companies is a most excellent reason to try life on the Island.



Relocating to Victoria? A neighbourhood guide

You came, you saw, you nailed your Epicure dream job. Woot! Now, which neighbourhood to set up shop in—that’s the big question.

Tourism Victoria says, “Victoria is a city of neighbourhoods, each with distinctive character and charm. It's the neighbourhoods that make Victoria a unique and desirable place to live.” For our newly transplanting Home Team members, here’s our breakdown on Victoria’s neighbourhoods.

Click here to view a super handy relocation guide!

Downtown: where the action is

The basics: Known for the Fairmont Empress Hotel, Parliament buildings, BC Museum, and inner harbour, but blossoming into a buzzing mecca of designer boutiques, outdoor gear, comic book stores, local markets, outdoor festivals, coffee shops, rave restaurants, and brewpubs. But still quaint!

Perfect for: Those who want to live in beautiful heritage buildings refurbished as über-urban, brick-walled apartments. Decent apartment living can also be had on the fringes, like Rockland, 5 minutes from the centre.

James Bay/Fairfield/Gonzales + Fernwood/Cook Street Village: comfortable and/or funky close-in outlying communities

The basics: A little further afield (5–10 minutes), James Bay (character house central, often divided into suites) and Fairfield (calm, cozy character, but with more duplexes and a smidge lower rent) sit along the ocean south of the Inner Harbour. Fernwood and Cook Street Village, to the north, are where the cool kids of the 90s rented, settled, and opened art collectives and free-range burger joints (recommended!).

Perfect for: Those seeking docile, super-friendly neighbourhoods. Think rent rather than own. (Homes don’t come up for sale often, and when they do, they can cost a pretty penny.)

Oak Bay/Uplands: where the established live

The basics: Our most well-heeled neighbourhoods, 10 minutes out of town, and lined with trees, tea-shops, Tudor houses, and top-end knick-knack shops and delis to die for. Find Willows Beach (sunbathing central), the Oak Bay Marina, and two impeccable golf courses. "More English than England itself," it is home to the annual Oak Bay Tea Party, and classic car festival.

Perfect for: Families looking for larger homes and properties (though they will set you back a bundle).

The Gorge/Vic West/Esquimalt/Selkirk/Tillicum: industrial areas making more than good

The basics: Historically industrial and working-class neighbourhoods, 10–15 minutes out of town. The most community-centred, and the most up-and-coming for reclaimed and progressive public spaces. Vic West boasts über-green condos, Montessori school, kayaks splashing along the waterway, and certified Neapolitan wood-fired pizza snuggled in beside Vic’s working port and gravel industry.

Perfect for: Those seeking reasonably priced apartments and strata condos, be you single or with kiddies. Odds are you’ll have a bike, a kayak, and an addiction to artisanal bread inside a month.

Cadboro Bay/Hillside/University Heights: boroughs abutting our (top-ranked!) University of Victoria and Camosun College

The basics: Cadboro Bay is on the upper end, with lovely large houses and Pacific views. Uni Heights and Hillside offer quiet streets with starter-sized, 70s-era single-family homes with yards. Fifteen minutes out of town, all enjoy access to all the more moderately priced good things in life, from smaller-scale cinemas and corner stores to gyms and pubs. Don’t miss Mount Doug for a fine view of Greater Victoria.

Perfect for: Those seeking someplace safe, clean, convenient—normalcy itself! And it’s cheaper to rent or buy a first family home here than closer to town.

West Shore: Colwood/View Royal/Langford: say hello to an affordable home of your own

The basics: These friendly, well-kept, convenient outlying communities are our suburbia, with big-box stores, Western Speedway, car dealerships, and the most awesomely friendly working folk and families. Plus, you’re closer to all the best swimming spots, hikes, and up-island adventures.

Perfect for: Young families and others hoping to afford a west coast home off the bat, at the low price of a slightly longer commute to the city and to Epicure. (About 20 minutes into town.)

Metchosin & Sooke: super natural

The basics: Very rural, very gorgeous, mostly sparsely populated by artisans, farmers, makers—all manner of amazing people choosing to live a little more sanely a little to the side of the rat race. A tad more expensive and a tad less easy and accessible than the West Shore, but your kids will discover tadpoles in their own wild ranges before they ever encounter them in a textbook. Pretty cool tradeoff.

Perfect for: Those seeking big, beautiful, tumble-down treed or field properties to be owned or rented if you need space and scenery at the end of the day.

Saanich & all points south—Highlands/Cordova Bay/Saanich/Brentwood Bay/Sidney/Deep Cove: plunging headlong into Epicureland

The basics: North from town en route to Epicure, you’ll find—

  • Highlands: a Hobbit-worthy wonderland of forest, hills, dales, more hills, inlets.
  • Royal Oak: newer suburban enclaves and the Commonwealth pool. Why yes, you too can swim where Olympians have trained.
  • Cordova Bay: a village by the sea with a great big golf course! Mostly mid-sized stuccoed single-family homes with big lawns (think: above-ground pool or trampoline in the backyard).
  • Brentwood Bay: a very sweet, very proximate to Epicure seaside village with 1.5 cross streets, a BC ferry to bypass the Malahat Drive up-island, and a world-class resort and spa.
  • Saanichton: 1 cross street surrounded by hay ricks, corn stalls, and the best darn agricultural fair this side of the Rockies.
  • Pushing northward still—even unto the end of the Peninsula: Sidney by the Sea and Epicure’s own Home Office in Deep Cove. The area comes equipped with the Victoria International Airport, BC Ferries terminal to Vancouver and the Gulf Islands, and ocean views every which way.

Perfect for: Those who are not bothered by a 30-minute commute to downtown, as houses in Sidney and nearby Dean Park (stuccoed modern family houses for rent and own on a big gentle hill with a wicked recreation centre) do crop up for sale or rent on a reasonably frequent basis. Both Sidney and Deep Cove sport the shortest commute to work at Epicure’s Home Office farm.